Private Label Herbal Supplements

Are you looking for assistance in having your herbal supplement blends private labeled? Or, maybe you are looking to get your own brand started and want to use our house blends that have been developed by experienced formulators in only the highest quality nationwide. What would it do for your company to have your own name and logo on the products you love? With private labeling your customers will begin to know your brand. They will continue to come back knowing they can trust you based on a combination of what we provide you with and your excellent business skills. We will make sure that you are receiving the best turnaround times on the market with only the highest quality product assisted with the best pricing. We will leave the rest up to you!
We have found a “niche” in the herbal supplement market that allows us to truly shine. With turnaround times of 24-72 hours for up to 3,000 bottles of any in house product or 5-7 days of up to 10,000 bottles including your private label, we will ensure that you are never losing customers based on the fact that you cannot get product in time. We understand that what we do directly reflects on your company and your success is our success. When combining these with extremely competitive pricing and having a price matching structure on most of our products we will help to earn your business not just sell you on our products.
If you are looking for a custom blend we can assist with that as well. We only use GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified laboratories with the quality ingredients and fast turnaround times. In a lot of cases once we receive payment a custom blend may be done in as quickly as 2-3 weeks with private label. In as just a few short weeks you could have your personalized formulas on the market and ready to be sold. Contact an account manager today to get started in showing you why we deserve your business.